Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

We will save you the costs and hassle of managing your own IT department.
If there’s one certainty in the business world, it’s this: technology is always changing. And keeping up with those changes – and minimizing the challenges and maximizing the opportunities that come with them – can be both daunting and expensive.

At LMT Inc., we can help save you money, and reduce your headaches, by offering managed IT services that assure you comprehensive, unlimited technology and support without the hassles and cost of having your own on-site IT department.

Managed IT Services: Simplified

Our Solutions include:

Cloud computing: Our public, private, or hybrid cloud services allow you to safely access and share data across multiple computers and devices. Data is very important in the business world that uses technology. Developing and maintaining your own set of servers and the facilities to house it can be painful and costly. LMT, Inc. takes the pain away. We are pleased to introduce to you three new services that will help extend your data or virtual systems with a copy or running function in our VS-Cloud environment.
  •     VSBackup – Your virtual machines can now be backed up to our VS-Cloud storage for file based restoration to full Disaster Recovery on new hardware. We fully support Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMware. (**VMware solutions are currently being tested)
  •     VSReserve – This is VSBackup WITH reserved virtual hardware resource ready for restoration at our VS-Cloud data center. If a disaster occurs, your virtual systems can be brought online at our VS-Cloud to provide continued business functions.
  •     VSHost – We host your entire server function in our VS-Cloud environment and it is completely private to your organization. VSHost can run at any of our VS-Cloud data center and will be mirrored locally as well as have a snapshot backup to our sister VS-Cloud data center where additional hardware is readily available for recovery.

Network and IT hardware: We put the technology infrastructure in place that’s best for your enterprise, and then monitor your devices to make sure they stay operational, functional, secure, and up-to-date.

Document management: The user-friendly, innovative solutions from us simplify your workflow while assuring security, confidence, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Phone systems: Our Voice Over Internet Protocol and hosted PBX solutions provide the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality you need.

Help desk support: We provide a full range of support for all of our services, offering proactive, professional support that enhances your experience and keeps your business operational, efficient, and productive.

Onsite and remote IT support: If you have a technical problem, we can resolve it by sending one of our IT experts to your site or by providing fast, effective solutions over the phone.

Our staff consists of experienced professionals whose background and passion are in IT and who have a broad, deep understanding of the technologies that are driving business today. We know the concerns you face, and we know how to manage them – reliably, confidently, responsively and cost-effectively.

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