Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Live Mobile Technology Inc. is experienced in building consumer to enterprise mobile apps.  We offer premium mobile app development from UI/UX to coding.  Our Expertise is in designing diverse applications and allowing the user to make optimum use of the application.  We make sure that our design is put to good use to match the functionality of the mobile application.  We encourage you to call us for pricing at 281.745.6466.

Below is a sampling of our portfolio of companies for which we provide Mobile App design and development.

MPR (My Progress Report®) App provides a tool for students and parents to monitor scholastic achievement. The mobile app of the student's progress report is available real-time.

What we did: 

We created My Progress Report® logo, redesigned their website, build a mobile app named "MPR" in the apple app store.  

Crazy Shrimp

Crazy Shrimp is a game app from the apple app store. Tagline: Swim in freedom! - Tap to swim - Compete with friends - Amazing graphics! 

What we did:

We created crazyshrimp logo and designs, we were contracted to create wireframes and UI/UX for the game  

     Logo Design 

Tennis Buddy

Tennis Buddy enables you to find a tennis partner within just 10 minutes on average in over 15 cities already. They have received a great response by over 13,000 tennis players having joined Tennis Buddy so far. This is our start to build the first social network for tennis players. 

What we did: 

We were part of a team to Design UI/UX interfaces and implemented every wireframes from start to finish. 

Dipity - Dating App

Dipity works because if you end up choosing the same date location, you and your match automatically have some common ground to stand on - there's a reason you both picked the same place to meet!  

What we did:

We created  logo & redesigned User Interface.  
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